In the flesh

Went out today.

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Went out today

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Went out today

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Sorry I’m MIA

Shits been hectic. I no longer have a day off and then I’ve been spring cleaning for a yardsale/sort of packing since I barely live at home anymore.

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What have I become????

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Flower girls series by Stasia Burrington

Prints available on Etsy

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I want this so much I could cry. 

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Madeline Kahn ad-libbed the short monologue about her hatred for Yvette the French maid. 

Clue (1985)

Reblog forever.

I never knew that was ad-libbed.  Oh my God, I didn’t think that monologue could get any better but it JUST DID.

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i find my cosmic insignificance reassuring

the stars don’t fucking care who i am or what i do

i owe the universe nothing

i exist on my own terms

#the galaxy dont care that u messed up the thing that one time

#when existentialism becomes comforting rather than horrifying

#the universe doesn’t care if you ate the entire cake

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"Wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles."

-Anonymous  (via dragon-woman)

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Can’t fall back asleep alone. Haven’t slept at home more than maybe 3 times in the last month. Having differing schedules blows a little bit.




8:30pm on Cartoon Network got real last night.

Shit CN. You did the damn thing.

fight club for kids

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There are wonderful people in this world…it’s just really hard to find them

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